Friday April 18 , 2014
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Rocket Science

The Next Generation VMax hit the Universe for the 2009 model year. Raw power, raw attitude. Check out our Community and Forums about the latest VMax info, join our events and get to meet the world of VMax! A new legend has been born.

Carbon Fiber to the Max!


Carbon Fiber VMax

Carbon Fiber has long become THE material for light weight racing applications as well as anything high tech from mountain bikes to aircrafts and spaceships. A material so strong and light that there is virtually no competition for it. In most applications form and looks are secondary to the function - it being super light weight.

Over the past couple of years more and more good looking carbon fiber has hit the accessories market for cars and motorcycles a like. Good looking and real CF usually don't go well together. If it looks perfect, it's printed and then it does not look real. If its real, it usually has flaws, especially around complex shapes.

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The Knee-Dragger

There is good riders and there is Randy aka Ranimal aka CruiseMissile. A gifted Custom bike builder and probably the best rider I have met on the streets. Whenever we get a chance we tear up roads together. Unfortunately being 2500 miles apart, keeps that to a once a year activity (at best).

Our September VMax of the month in full action at the Dragon - Route 129 - Deals Gap. 

Randy tearing up the Dragon on his custom VMax

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