Saturday December 27 , 2014
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GuruedGear Gen II V-Max Re-Flashed ECU Testing

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This was the end of a very long project. It was the final testing of the ECU Re-Flash for the Second Generation Yamaha Star V-Max. I needed proof the product would function properly, so who else better to call than the Legendary Jay Gleason. The bikes setup was simple. Aside from being equipped with our Basic Stock Kit, we also spooned on a Goodyear Drag Slick. The deal I had made myself was it needed to cut at least 1/10 of a second off of the best run of any other ECU we tried that night before I would open my web store and start selling the service. After making the first pass with the Re-Flashed ECU, it was obvious what we had in our hands. Immeditely following the first run, Jay's comments thru his helmet are priceless. With Jay at the helm, later that night the bike would go on to set the record for a V-Max in full stock trim of 9.59 seconds. More than I could ever hope for. After what my partner and I have went thru to develop this product, my reactions are a little raw rather than professional. Please excuse the slight profanity, as I could not keep my composure. Thanks to Jay Luedecke for use of his stock 09 V-Max, my partner for all the help, and most of all, Jay Gleason. You are still "The Man" on a V-Max! All this being said, please enjoy the video.

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