Thursday April 24 , 2014
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Want to win this UNIQUE item? <a href=>Time to Ride - This is VMAX!</a><br>
Tell us YOUR story and make the world read and comment on it! Check out the rules for this once in a live time contest and take home the ultimate complement to your new 2009 VMAX. Good luck to all of you!

TOPIC: Time to Ride - This is VMax! Results

Time to Ride - This is VMax! Results 5 years 6 months ago #1

Well, as it turns out this free site give away was the cause for some friction after all. :winkwink:

Folks did not realize how close the race was all along. Most members did not read the rules well enough to understand that a high reply count or page view count did not mean you would win in the end.

It got to the point where certain threads got pulled up thousands of times for several days just to increase chances of winning. This was clearly not the intention of the contest.
In digging through about 45 days of data - many hours may I say so - it became very clear that it is impossible to say which page views were valid and witch not. It is easy to back out 4000 page views in a day against one thread, but multiple, how about 100 or even only 10 from the same member?
We have tried hard to come up with a clean solution to the problem.

In the end the only clean cut is to eliminate the view counts all together and to rely 50% on unique replies and 50% on random luck, instead of the prior 33/33/33 split that included view counts.

I realize that is a change to the original rules but not fixing the raked view counts was not an option as we cannot in-cent folks to 'cheat'. Unfortunately life is not black and white, with a large grey area in between right and wrong.

Based on these thoughts we have made the decision on how to amend the rules of the context, and have learned our lessons for the next time we host such an event.

To all that contributed and brought us countless great stories we say THANK YOU!
Even if you did not win this time you have made this a more interesting and diverse place.

The results will be posted shortly.
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"It's time to Ride - This is Vmax."
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