Thursday May 28 , 2015
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The Next Generation VMax hit the Universe for the 2009 model year. Raw power, raw attitude. Check out our Community and Forums about the latest VMax info, join our events and get to meet the world of VMax! A new legend has been born.

Carbon Fiber to the Max!


Carbon Fiber VMax

Carbon Fiber has long become THE material for light weight racing applications as well as anything high tech from mountain bikes to aircrafts and spaceships. A material so strong and light that there is virtually no competition for it. In most applications form and looks are secondary to the function - it being super light weight.

Over the past couple of years more and more good looking carbon fiber has hit the accessories market for cars and motorcycles a like. Good looking and real CF usually don't go well together. If it looks perfect, it's printed and then it does not look real. If its real, it usually has flaws, especially around complex shapes.


Carbon Fiber Scoops for the VMaxDon't ask me how Yamaha aka Star Motorcycles did it but they took Carbon Fiber for complex shapes to a new level. Not only are the VMax Carbon Fiber Accessories super light weight and safe you 7+ lbs over the stock parts, they look unreal good. Try to find an imperfection in the weaving structure of the most complex parts: e.g. the scoops. You won't find any. This is Carbon Fiber done right.

It looks really good in person and when you roll up to a crowded biker place (like Alices here in NorCal) you are guaranteed to have a head turner. People will stop in their tracks to come look at the beautiful details of these unique Carbon Fiber Parts.

Sparkling Carbon Fiber in NorCals spring sunThe parts get complimented by the also available Russell braided SS brake and clutch lines that come in the same color as the Carbon Fiber itself.

No matter what light, the reflections of the fine grain carbon weave are out of this world. So much that our SLR cameras and monitors have a real tough time to bring the beauty to the screen. The dynamic range is just too much for todays display technologies. That's where we went and did a series of HDR images to capture the true reflections of these carbon fiber parts. Each of the shot you see have been done in 15-20 exposure settings, the best ones got picked and run through the latest in HDR technology algorithms. The result: stunning looking HDR images of the VMax Carbon Fiber parts offered by Star Motorcycles.

Carbon Fiber rear fender for the VMaxAnd as good as they are, they still don't fully capture 100% of the looks. You have to check these parts out in person to experience their quality in craftsman ship.

Just recently we visited one of the Motorcycle shows currently going around the states. Many CF parts for various bike manufacturers where on display and not a single one could come close to the VMax parts. They are not cheap by any means but it has never been more true: You get what you pay for. Once you get your hands on a set of these you will be one of a few to show off one of the world most beautiful carbon fiber sets out there.

Carbon Fiber Rear fender and Stiletto seatCombine that with the look of the VMax and you have a pure-bread racing machine. Nothing shouts RACING more clearly and loudly than a CF decked out 2010/2009 VMax. We also blacked out a couple more parts on our VMax, added the Y-Gear lowering kit, the Star Wide Wheel kit, ASV levers, CRG mirrors, Akrapovic exhaust with custom billet endcaps and various billet pieces like the swingarm pivot covers. Strapped and lowered, this mean machine is ready for the drags.

Carbon Fiber front fender VMaxNot only will it allow you to put down fast passes in the mid to high 9s (Even I at 250-260 lbs suited up can hit 9.7s on this machine), its looks will intimidate your opponents or at least makes them want their own VMax. The VMax might not be the fastest bike around, but its unique styling and brute-force power coupled with accessories like these unreal Carbon Fiber accessories from Star Motorcycles, make it the most unique one in the crowd.

Carbon Fiber faux tank cover

You take this bike to any biker gathering with 100s-1000s of bikes and nothing will stand out more or draw more people in.

Got you interested in these CF parts? Go see your local Yamaha and Star Motorcycle dealer or contact one of our Site Sponsors to order them. Demand is high, so you better get your order in if you want to have them ready for the 2010 riding season.

The parts come with Start logos and VMax emblems for you to attach. You might opt to leave them off, put them on or switch them out (like we did) - Star builds is - you make it your own.

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