Saturday December 20 , 2014
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The Next Generation VMax hit the Universe for the 2009 model year. Raw power, raw attitude. Check out our Community and Forums about the latest VMax info, join our events and get to meet the world of VMax! A new legend has been born.

Custom 2009 VMax by Palhegyi

{multithumb blog_mode=thumb thumb_width=120 thumb_height=120}Image{multithumb default} Earlier this week we got to visit exciting Las Vegas, NV, where Yamaha and Star Motorcycles hosted their annual dealer convention. In addition to some very detail shots of a cut open 2009 VMax we also got to see a brand new custom designed VMax by Palhegyi Design.

The bike is a very clean custom interpretation of the VMax. Not overdone, yet very powerful in its line and paint schema.

Here we are wondering around, Sunday night, as part of the media pre-view and get to see everything Yamaha has to offer in one of the huge halls of the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Here a VMax there a VMax, kind of cool how may they have on the showroom floor.

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Jeff Palhegyi Custom 2009 VMax
Jeff Palhegyi Custom 2009 VMax

But wait a minute, whats that?


A fully custom 2009 VMax!! And who stands next to it? Jeff Palhegyi himself, checking out his latest creation. After a few words of admiration I wall pulled into the lines and custom touches of the bike.

At first the most obvious difference are the black/machined PM wheels that set of the bike on top of its mirror turn table. Stock size in the front and a wide 8.5" rim that holds a Metzler 240/40-18.

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Custom PM Front Wheel
Custom PM Front Wheel
Custom PM Rear Wheel
Custom PM Rear Wheel

In addition to the custom wheels the bike is lowered front and rear for that tough look you only get from a low rider. Fender eliminator is a given and so is the fact that turn signals and mirrors had to go. Nice living the live of a custom, where DOT requirements have no say...


Right after that the turning bike reveals a radical custom end cover design for the exhaust system. Both sides mufflers have custom clack/cnc (matching the wheels) end covers with curved pieces of tubing sticking out of it. Looking at it from the rear tells one thing, and one thing only: DON'T MESS WITH ME.

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