Friday November 27 , 2015
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The Next Generation VMax hit the Universe for the 2009 model year. Raw power, raw attitude. Check out our Community and Forums about the latest VMax info, join our events and get to meet the world of VMax! A new legend has been born.

About Us

Welcome to - the premier web community for the All New Next Generation Vmax!

This is a privately operated site with no direct affiliation to Yamaha or any of its subsidiaries. The site was created and is maintained by Oliver Ratzesberger aka fxstein. It is free for its members and funded through onsite sponsorship of various vendors.

While the world is still awaiting the release of the All New Yamaha Star Vmax we have been busy building the next generation community to match the new legend. This site and its members are working together to build the destination for any aspects of the all new monster bike from Yamaha. From troubleshooting a stock bike, common mods to giving ideas on ho to get every ounce of power out of the new machine.

Since its inception in June of 2007 the site is quickly becoming the #1 destination for any kind of information about the All New Yamaha Star Vmax. Links are spreading like a wildfire over the net.

With the Next Generation Vmax expected to be released during 2008 the best is yet to come.

Enjoy the site and ride safe!

Oliver Ratzesberger

aka fxstein 

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