Saturday May 30 , 2015
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The Next Generation VMax hit the Universe for the 2009 model year. Raw power, raw attitude. Check out our Community and Forums about the latest VMax info, join our events and get to meet the world of VMax! A new legend has been born.

Site Vendor And Sponsor Subscriptions

Welcome to!

The #1 online community for the All New Next Generation Yamaha/Star VMax.

This website is free to all non commercial members. In order to fund site operations we rely entirely on advertising and site donations. As such all commercial vendors and entities that want to promote or talk about their products on are required to join as Vendor or Site Sponsor members.

We offer a simple signup process and support major credits cards and Paypal as a medium for site donations.

As a Vendor your user id will be highlighted as such and you will be allowed to place back links to your own website and products into your user signature.


New product announcements need to be placed into the appropriate vendor folder on the forum. We encourage Site Vendors to stay clear from each other and to avoid commenting or talking down on other vendors products.

Currently we offer two subscription levels for vendors:


A Monthly donation subscription at USD 49,- per month


An annual donation subscription at USD 490,- per year - you get 2 months for free


In addition we offer a Site Sponsor subscription program. In addition to the features of a vendor subscription, we offer banners on the major forum pages, as well as links on our site sponsor page. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional details and to submit your banner artwork.


Currently we offer two subscriptions levels for site sponsors:


A Monthly donation subscription at USD 89,- per month


An annual donation subscription at USD 890,- per year - you get 2 months for free


All pricing is subject to change without notice for new subscribers. In the event of pricing changes we will honor the existing donation subscription period, up to one year for existing subscribers.


New subscriptions will generally be activated within 72h of submission, in many cases quicker. Should you encounter problems during the signup process please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Donation subscriptions can be canceled at any point in time by either side. In that event the vendor or sponsor membership expires at the end of the current billing period. Already made donations can not be refunded.

In order to unsubscribe from existing donation subscriptions follow the following link:

We reserve the right to terminate memberships at any point in time, should the vendor or sponsor fail to abide by the rules of the See our Terms and Conditions document in the FAQ section.


Thank you for supporting our online community!

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