Thursday April 17 , 2014
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GoPro Hero HD Mounting options

I have received a lot of questions about how to mount the all new GoPro Hero HD camera on the new VMax. 

One of the nice things about the Hero HD - when you get the motorsports package - is that it comes with a ton of mounting options. Stick on mounts for straight and curved surfaces, a major suction cup, that holds on thigh to anything smooth and flat and various extensions to get any angle you like.

In addition you can get rather cheap options for handle bard clamps and roll cage clamps (used for the massive front forks).

Here are a couple shots of how you can mount the camera:

One of my favorites: suction cup against the engine case. Yes it holds up full acceleration through the gears.

Or use the same on the fenders or side panels:

Want to shoot at you? Take that suction cup and attach it to the tach:

The handle br mount attached very well to the bar end weights. That way you can shoot past your arm to the back or at you or forward or side ways....

Stick-ons are nearly limitless: Want to see the front brakes and the wheel as well as the front of the road? The lower radiator is a good choice.

Or do the same on the oposite site facing back. You can shoot back and forth, left or right, up or down. Go have it all!

The optional roll cage mount works great for those massive forks. These are the awesome shots forward that show a bit of the brake discs, the wheel and is only inches about the ground for some stunning and fast moving shots.

These are just a few idea. You can see more of them in a dedicated photo album I created with various mounting positions. And I am sure there are tons more waiting to be discovered.

Have fun and enjoy that great piece of gear!

Photo Album: Click Here

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